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Spin The Wheel College Hazing Ritual

October 27, 2010

This ain’t exactly Wheel Of Fortune, but we think it has some potential! Spin the college hazing wheel and get your reward, whether it’s Buttfinger, blowjob, anal sex…you name it you just might get it!
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Ebony College Boys Dark And Light

October 23, 2010

Two black college boys are a contrast in tones…one is black as the night while the other is light skinned with beautiful steel blue-grey eyes. Either way they both add up to major yummy young ebony cock! Watch these two university twinks go at it exclusively from Black Twink BFs!
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Drunk College Students Public Nudity Pics

October 9, 2010

It used to be you could only imagine how many kinky sex acts and public displays of nudity drunk college boys racked up in a given weekend. Well now you don’t have to imagine because the great amateur pics and video site called See My BF features tons of real cel photos and vids of guys doing their boyfriends or just getting lewd in public places! It’s like an adults only gay facebook for men!
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College Hottie Gets A Public Hummer

October 7, 2010

Is there anything more exciting than performing a sexual act in public when you know you could get discovered at any time? That’s what makes this new series of public sex videos so hot, this college stud is getting a good sloppy blowjob from his twink friend a mere 30 feet away from where people are casually relaxing by the pool!
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College Boy Bound Tied And Toyed

October 6, 2010

A young guy and and older man take a college freshman in for some erotic twink bdsm games. They make him strip naked, tie him up and start playing with his cock and ass, warming him up for the real fun which is about to begin!
college boy bound toyed

College Thugs Hardcore Sex Party

October 4, 2010

Check out these black university students from the hood when these ebony boys meet up with a few older experienced thugs for a huge suck and fuck fest on the weekend! It’s time for a big dose of hard thug dick!

College Senior Circle Jerk Initiation

October 1, 2010

College is back in session so these two hot senior students don’t waste any time getting a hold of each other’s dicks to ring in the new semester and their final year at school! Watch these boys wank each other off in a circle jerk session that bring’s the new season in style!