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Student Pledges Wrestle Naked

September 18, 2011

Student Pledges Wrestle Naked
In one of the many initiation rituals these college boys will have to go through in order to get accepted into a Southern Florida University frat house, the frat boys make the students wrestle naked and make sure they finish off the contest by getting intimate with each others’ cocks!
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Cold Cash For College Cock

April 28, 2011

cold cash for college cock
This episode of Haze Him couldn’t be titled anything other than cold cash for college cock because frat boys had their pledges do the most random gay acts possible in order to win the $10,000.  Of course the brothers lied and told the pledges everyone would split the money just to motivate them into letting go of their pride and opening up those assholes.

Florida Frat Boys Have Fun With Pledges

April 22, 2011

This episode of Haze Him takes place in a popular Florida University. As the party was kicking off the frat boys were having fun these poor pledges where stripped and dressed in weird get ups then rushed downstairs to join the rest of the party…NAKED! everyone at the party seemed to enjoy their humiliation but things got a little more spice one the pledges where told to come back up. that’s where the real fun began.
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College Frat Boys Have Fun Hazing Pledges

March 3, 2011

In a brand new episode of the popular college porn series called “Haze Him” we find several students being initiated by some frat boy perverts in a variety of games ranging from naked dodgeball to a twisted no holes barred version of Simon Says! After seeing these student hazing videos we have to say let the games begin!
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Naked Tailgate Hazing Ritual Turns Hardcore

February 14, 2011

It’s the biggest game of the year and these frat boys decided to embarrass their college pledges by taking the boys out on their tailgate shenanigans. Not only did the pledges have to cook the food, serve it and dispense beverages, they had to do it all naked! Things got a little out hand once the action moved into the RV…
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Frat Boys Have Fun With Cock ‘N Slide Hazing

September 11, 2010

On a nice hot day these poor college pledges are forced to go slip in sliding…all over each others naked bodies! And that’s just the beginning of this outdoor hazing ritual performed by some nasty frat boys who love to make the freshmen suffer! To top it all of as punishment for losing these “water sports” games the unfortunate pledges had to suck each other off in front of their brothers’ and fellow pledges. Damn, how cruel can you get;)
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