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Anally Artistic

January 18, 2012

Anally Artistic
No doubt there are many young college boys who have talent, but not many have the anally artistic attributes like these pledges who are being put through humiliating act after act in order to join their favorite frat house on campus in this brand new college boys videos from Haze Him!


Black Frat Boy Ass Branding

October 22, 2011

Black Frat Boy Ass Branding
Step One: Gather the new pledges in black frat house. Step Two: Make them strip naked and dance to silly songs. Step Three: Torch a wire brand until it’s red hot and make the pledge think he’s about to get his black ass branded with a permanent fraternity mark. Step Four: Now the black cock sucking begins…
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Close Shave

September 10, 2011

close shave haze him
In one of the latest episodes from the net’s most popular college reality porn series HAZE HIM, we have several straight college boy pledges who must go through a series of initiations to make it in their fraternity. Of course the devious frat boys in charge are going to make it difficult like making this guy shave a college boy’s pubic hairs…and that’s just the beginning!

Cold Cash For College Cock

April 28, 2011

cold cash for college cock
This episode of Haze Him couldn’t be titled anything other than cold cash for college cock because frat boys had their pledges do the most random gay acts possible in order to win the $10,000.  Of course the brothers lied and told the pledges everyone would split the money just to motivate them into letting go of their pride and opening up those assholes.

Florida Frat Boys Have Fun With Pledges

April 22, 2011

This episode of Haze Him takes place in a popular Florida University. As the party was kicking off the frat boys were having fun these poor pledges where stripped and dressed in weird get ups then rushed downstairs to join the rest of the party…NAKED! everyone at the party seemed to enjoy their humiliation but things got a little more spice one the pledges where told to come back up. that’s where the real fun began.
college hazing porn videos

haze him college frat rituals

Naked Frat Boys New College Hazing Video

April 13, 2011

naked fratboy hazing video
Sure it looks all fun and games in this pic from the brand new hazing ritual video from HAZE HIM, but these naked frat boy pledges are just getting started in their initiation rituals! As you will see they are subjected to cum covered snacks as well as getting their tight frat asses fucked by a sex machine while sucking another pledge’s cock!
haze him frat boy college rituals

Suck That Dick College Boy!

April 1, 2011

Those crazy frat boys are at it again, and this time it’s an east coast fraternity dishing out the hazing deeds in this brand new episode from Haze Him. Open the box, out pops the student cock and now it’s time to suck that dick college boy or else!
suck that dick college boy

Eastern College Boys Cock Sucking Initiation

February 4, 2011

This is what happens when you have a bunch of horny frat boys who even though they might claim they are straight, they truly want to watch college boys sucking each other off! This brand new gallery is part of the new season of hot college video action exclusively from Haze Him.

Student Ping Pong Becomes Frat Boy Ding Dong

December 8, 2010

In this brand new video scene from Haze Him we find a group of young college boys in the midst of initiation rituals in the gameroom. When these students see the ping pong table they know there’s probably going to be less table tennis and more fucking!