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Late Night Hazing Ritual

November 17, 2011

Late Night Hazing Ritual
At the stroke of midnight these naked college boys are subjected to harsh hazing rituals at the hands of their wicked frat boy masters! Witness the depravity and mayhem as these young straight pledges are feathered, hosed down and forced to suck frat boy cock in this brand new episode from Haze Him!

Student Pledges Wrestle Naked

September 18, 2011

Student Pledges Wrestle Naked
In one of the many initiation rituals these college boys will have to go through in order to get accepted into a Southern Florida University frat house, the frat boys make the students wrestle naked and make sure they finish off the contest by getting intimate with each others’ cocks!
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What Are These Naked College Boys Looking At?

June 12, 2011

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Big Cock Freshman Student Masturbating

February 20, 2011

In this self shot student masturbation pic exclusively from Hung BFs we find a very cute freshman twink stroking his big cock and snapping some juicy pics for the whole world to see! Click here for this latest gallery which has videos and pics of naked college boys submitted from real users all over the world!
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Naked Tailgate Hazing Ritual Turns Hardcore

February 14, 2011

It’s the biggest game of the year and these frat boys decided to embarrass their college pledges by taking the boys out on their tailgate shenanigans. Not only did the pledges have to cook the food, serve it and dispense beverages, they had to do it all naked! Things got a little out hand once the action moved into the RV…
tailgate college boy hazing

College Freshman Dick Sucking Initiation

January 3, 2011

Watch these student twinks sucking cock like there’s no tomorrow in this brand new video series from Haze Him, where naked college boys are subjected to wild sexual rituals and hazing is the name of the game! In this video the students are down on their knees in a dick sucking competition…sounds pretty good!
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College Boys Go Through Frat Pledge Hazing

November 23, 2010

Here is some amazing college hazing videos from a school in the south. These frat boys were being so mean to  these poor pledges. Calling them names making them bring and buy stuff for the brothers.
college frat pledge hazing
It was all going well until the brothers found a twister game behind one of the pledges beds. Immediately the brothers decide to make these poor naked college boys play some naked twister. If it wasn’t humiliating enough they started pouring baby oil in these poor pledges and the loser had to pay the consequences!